Etihad Airways June Promotion

Book your next holiday with Etihad Airways and feel comfortable and cared for with Etihad Wellness. You’ll feel safe knowing that every guest flying with us has tested negative for COVID-19, and our Wellness Ambassadors are on hand 24/7 to answer your questions and share advice.

Fly with peace of mind

We’ve introduced Etihad Wellness to help you travel the world with confidence and peace of mind; with a team of Wellness Ambassadors and mandatory COVID-19 testing before every flight.



IstanbulIDR  5,344,000  
DubaiIDR  6,620,000  
Abu DhabiIDR  8,023,000  
AmsterdamIDR  8,114,000  
ZurichIDR  8,678,000  
RomeIDR  8,819,000  
ParisIDR  8,923,000  
MilanIDR  9,381,000  



DubaiIDR 19,162,000  
Abu DhabiIDR 19,162,000  
MilanIDR 21,639,000  
ParisIDR 21,953,000  
AmsterdamIDR 22,104,000  
ZurichIDR 22,200,000  
RomeIDR 22,240,000  
IstanbulIDR 25,981,000  

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